Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele (foto by Federico Cavicchioli)

About Bernhard


Since September 2013, permanent teacher at the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy, Cairo, Egypt;

Since 2012, Director, Curator at "Parallell Galery Café" Stockholm, Sweden;

Since 2010, Designer and CEO at the own company "Abele Contemporary Jewellery"

Current Work

My work "Organic Metal" is about the old, the new and the ambivalence in between. I want to preserve, or possibly conserve, a snapshot of the aging process and a specific moment in the life/death of organic materials like mostly bread or bread dough. These organic materials are also the base of my jewellery pieces. I see similarities between the way we humans grow up and develop. I let my work experience different elements. It almost looks like evolution in itself by following the already finished process from a distance. It even can produce a short glimps into the future..


Born:          23.05.1983, Linz, Austria



2010            Received Master of Fine Arts in Crafts - Contemporary Jewellery, Corpus and                                        Objects at the Konstfack University Stockholm, Sweden                          

2008-10       M.A. Program under Ruudt Peters and Karen Pontoppidan Konstfack University                                      College of Arts, Crafts and Design Stockholm, Sweden

2007.08       Own working period, Barcelona, Spain

2006-07       Tutorial year with Peter Bauhuis, working in the own workshop, Barcelona, Spain

2004-06       Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery, Florence, Ita

                   Specialization course with Prof. Manuel Vilhena

                   Specialization course with Prof. Manfred Bischoff

2004            Jul-aug Summer Academie Salzburg with Johanna Dahm and Patrick Muff,        

2004            2 month practise with Sven Boltenstern, Vienna, Austria

2002            1 month practise with Franz-Joseph Baischer, Mondsee, Austria

1999-03        HTL Steyr - Goldsmith and Metal Design, Steyr, Austria


2013            Naturaly Jewellery, Shanghai, China

2013            Eligius Exhibition, Vienna, Austria

2013            Eligius Exhibition, Salzburg, Austria

2012            Cominelli Award 2nd price, La Fondazione Cominelli,Italy

2012            Cominelli Awards, Competition/Exhibition, Brescia, Italy

2012            Paris Fashion Week, RODEO (Fashion/Culture/Art, Zoo Fashion/Art)                                                      Stylist: Ellen Van Geijerstam for Whyred

2012            Taste, SUR Hornstull Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2012            Organi Metal, Solo Exhibition, Atta Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2012            The State Of Things, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany

2011            Cominelli Foundation - permanent collection, Brescia, Italy

2011            Cominelli Awards, competition/exhibition, Brescia, Italy 

2011            Saatchi Gallery, Collect, presented under Gallery Alternatives, London, UK                      

2010            The Compendium Finale of contemporary jewellers, group exhibition, Vienna                              

2010            Steinbeisser project, group exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal

2010            Corpus group exhibition, Gallerie Nutida, Stockholm, Sweden

2010            Broochmania, group exhibition, Galerie Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2010            Spring Exhibition, Konstfack University, Stockholm, Swede

2009            Dreams of Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele, Solo exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden

2009            Squatting Corpus, group exhibition, Munich, Germany

2008            Museo del oro de Asturias, Navelgas, Spain

2008            Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau, Germany

2008            Alternative Roma, group exhibition, Rome, Italy

2008            Refined: Abundance, competition/exhibition, Texas, USA

2007            Circuitismo Gotico, workshop exhibition, Barcelona, Spain

2007            Enjoia´t, competition/exhibition, Barcelona, Spa

2007            Boston Craft Fair, group exhibition, Boston, USA

2007            New Brand Show Inhorgenta Europe, Munich, Germany

2006            Alternative Roma, group exhibition, Rome, Italy

2006            Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery, Modo, Florence, Italy

2006            Florencimiento, St. James Church, Florence, Italy

2006            Inhorgenta, Munich, Germany

2005            Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery: End of the year show

                   Sonic Garden, Florence, Italy