Jewellery making through story telling

"abele custom jewellery" stands for customized jewellery projects of individual clients who wishes an exclusive, personal, handmade and unique jewellery piece for someone special. Nearly everything can be made, every wish fulfilled. During the design process, I personally, focus on a dialog with the client. In this dialog I will ask for information about the wearer to create ideas for a final jewellery piece. It could be a story, poem, or just any kind of information about the wearer.

This dialog can be set up by by one of the following options:

Simple information sheet (just fill in and send)

Address where the piece should be sent to:

When should the piece be finished?

Mail: info(kwfat)abele(kwfdot)se

Phone: 0046(0)703514447 (Sweden)
Skype: Bernhard.... (with 4 dots)

The usual progress from the design to the finish piece takes about 4-8 weeks. 

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